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A Shed Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

When snow piles up this much, it can sometimes create awesome shed hunting opportunities if you happen to find where deer have been “yarding” up together.

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What We Can Learn From Scrapes

Ani-Logics Deer Scrape

Scrapes are popping up all over the white-tail’s range and that will continue for the next month. If you have ever been on social media, you may have seen someone “check-in” somewhere. To me, a buck making a scrape is the animal’s way of “checking ...

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Summer Bucks

Whitetail Deer

Trail camera season is almost upon us for the 2018 deer season. If you are really itching to see some velvet, you may already have your cameras out. I typically do not deploy all my trail cameras until July. Once that time hits, it is ...

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Illinois State Legislation: Bill Status for SB2493

Ani-Logics in Illinois

Have you heard? Senate Bill 2493 (SB-2493) will be heard and voted on in the Illinois Senate Ag Committee Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Ani-Logics Outdoors will be in Springfield, Illinois to share our knowledge of supplemental feeding and it’s many benefits for the whitetail population. This bill will ...

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Why all the dead deer on the side of the road?

Plant Growth - Deer

The annual ‘spring shuffle’ for whitetails has officially begun. The number of dead deer you see right now can resemble November roadsides. What is the spring shuffle? In my observation, there are three main factors that contribute to the dead deer you see on the ...

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How to Find a Pile of Shed Antlers

Shed Hunting with Dogs

Shed deer antlers are some of the most interesting pieces of material on the planet. It never ceases to amaze me how something that cannot move is so hard to find. In many ways, the lack of locomotion of a shed is its best camouflage. ...

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Four Winter Projects You Should Be Doing (Right Now!)

Whitetail Deer Trail Cam

For much of the country, deer seasons have closed or will be closing soon. Do not be fooled into thinking the work is over! Wintertime is packed full of whitetail ‘to-do’s’. From chainsaw work to post-season trail camera survey’s, winter can be an excellent time ...

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How To Be A Good Hunting Neighbor

Deer Antler

If you hunt on less than 5,000 acres, chances are good that some of the bucks you have on camera will be harvested by your neighbors. When that happens, you have two options: You can either do things to prevent this from happening in the ...

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Deer Hunting, CRP and the Farm Bill: What Can You Do?

Whitetail Deer

I recently attended the North American Deer Summit put on by the National Deer Alliance. If you haven’t heard of the NDA, check out their website and become a member (It’s FREE). The North American Deer Summit was a meeting of many leaders in the ...

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