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Ani-Logics’ commitment to improving deer nutrition through science is readily apparent in all of their products.  Informed deer managers realize that optimum nutrition; results in healthier deer with larger bodies, larger antlers, and enhanced disease resistance.  Anyone interested in improving the health of their deer herd should consider including Ani-Logics products in their management program.

Brian Murphy – CEO & Wildlife Biologist, QDMA

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Thought you might like to see this. That is his 18-19 growth. His left side shed measured 74” last spring.. As you may know, several counties in KY have been hit with EHD this late summer and fall. Clearly our farms and this guy, who we call ? “Ghost”, is doing fantastic!!

We also saw an increase in twin fawns after increasing our availability of Ani-Logics year round. We also  no longer see the tick damage on our deer that we have seen in the past. I truly believe this is due to the better immune system support offered by Ani-Logics.  

The overall health of our herds has certainly improved even on a stressful dry fall year.

Thank you for your help and for a fabulous product!

Eric Dodd
Founder and GM
Dodd’s Wild Country LLC

Brian Wiese Ani-Logics Pro Staff

“I have never used a product that the deer HAMMER as well as Ani-Logics Braggin Rights – I think it literally attracts better than corn!  We have started incorporating all of the Ani-logics products on our properties and can’t believe that products designed for nutrition and health can be this attractive and palatable.    We have noticed that our deer seem less stressed and are therefore more active during daylight hours.  We have literally had deer that were nocturnal and not pattern-able in years’ past now start to pattern during daylight hours… it’s almost not believable.”

Brian Wiese – Ani-Logics Outdoors Pro Staff

Cody Sirek Ani-Logics Pro Staff

“If you are looking to take your deer management to the next level on your property, wanting more consistent deer activity and a healthier deer herd, no need to look any further Ani-Logics products will help you get there. This spring I started to use all of their products and was amazed at the quick results that I saw. The attractability  and palatability of Ani-Supplement Gold and JAC is just crazy. The Crazy Attractant of Braggin Rights allows me to get quick inventory on bucks in a short amount a time. Mineral Dirt 180 and the Ani-Mineral Block has helped the bucks put on more inches. What I love most about all of Ani-logics products it that they contain Ani-shield TX4 which helps in the over all health of the herd and that is my optimal goal. This summer and leading into hunting season I have been able to pattern more mature bucks during daylight than in previous years , keep and attract more bucks on the property and I have noticed more healthier does and fawns. I highly recommend that you give Ani-logics a try and “Protect Your Herd With The Power Of Science”.

Cody Sirek – Ani-Logics Outdoors Pro Staff

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“I’ve been using your product since February/March of 2014 and to date I have purchased several Tons and everything Ani-Logics advertised is real! I have never seen any mineral supplement attract this kind of attention before, with the results Ani-Logics is producing. In reviewing several thousand deer pictures it has shown/proven to me the palatability of your product is nothing like I’ve seen/experienced before. Until now, I have never taken one trail picture with four nice bucks around a supplement, and I’ve tried several. Not to mention how healthy the herd looks, compared to years past. Now that’s real results!

Thanks again for all your support and producing such a great product!”

Greg Glesinger, Drury Outdoors Team Member

Austin Ashley Ani-Logics Pro Staff

“On our southern Mississippi farm, we’re not just hunters, we’re game keepers. By using an array of Ani-Logics products, we’re giving the deer the optimal nutrition they need to grow those trophy racks. Using Mineral Dirt 180, along with Ani-Mineral Block, we’ve achieved better results in our deer herd than any other product we’ve ever used. We’ve never seen a product attract and hold deer as well as Braggin Rights Attractants. Our deer herds have proven that Ani-Logics products give you more bang for your buck!”

Austin Ashley – Ani-Logics Outdoors Pro Staff

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“I find that your supplements are extremely well made and to me some of the best on the market today! Since I’ve been using your products it has really helped me to become a better hunter and my time spent in the wood that much more enjoyable. So thanks again for such great products.”

Judge Worley – Ani-Logics Outdoors Customer

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