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Attract a shooter worth bragging about! Different sources of attractants are sometimes required at different times of the season and in different parts of the country.  Using chestnuts as an attractant is a secret trusted by hunting professionals.  Braggin Rights® Chestnut is a powerful grain-based attractant white-tailed deer crave.  This special blend is formulated with ripened chestnuts and our exclusive, proprietary Ani-Shield TX4® Technology, designed to optimize the immune system while maximizing genetics and antler growth.  Great attractant to use scouting trophy bucks with trail cameras or for training deer to frequent a site.  Lure in the whitetails and hold them with Braggin Rights® Chestnut.

Braggin Rights® Chestnut Deer Attractant Features:

  • Powerful chestnut attractant for whitetail deer
  • Ani-Shield TX4® Technologydesigned to support immunity and health in whitetail deer
  • Great trail camera attractant for early season deer scouting
  • Can be used alone or mixed with corn for a deer feed supplement
  • Lure and hold deer for a successful hunting season
  • 6 lbs. Easy to carry handle
Directions for Use:

Attractant – Pour on the ground in a pile or in strips in your hunting area or anywhere you want to attract deer.

Trail Camera – Use as bait in front of your trail camera to scout your herd for that perfect buck.

Food Plot Topper – Sprinkle or spread over a wide area of your food plot to greatly enhance your plot’s desirability and usage.

Feed/Grain Additive – Use alone in any type of feeder or trough or add 1 bag to 25 lbs. of grain or corn.

Customer Reviews

I like this product. Has a strong odor that attracts deer. I put it put in front of trail cameras and always get hots of deer eating it. I ordered it from amazon and it came in super quick. Highly recommend this product. Will work for baiting deer while hunting. Although I cannot hunt over bait in my state it seems like it would work. The proof is in my summer trail cam pics!

Reviewed by: Hunter S; on 23/08/2017

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