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For overall health
  • Targeted for increased antler growth and immune support
  • Copper, Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium
  • Chelated minerals (minerals bound to a protein)
  • Chelation can increase absorption by up to 70%
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  • Improves digestion
  • Increases intestinal function
  • 70% of immune system is determined by “gut” health
  • Laboratory researched
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Exclusive, proprietary attractants
  • Pattern and hold deer on your hunting property

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Don`t know the difference between all of our Black Ops lines? Listen to this video to learn more! ...

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Junior pro-staffer Claire Neuman shot her first tom! Congrats Claire!! ...

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Mineral Dirt 180, 20lb 2pk is 20% off until June 15th!! Get it while you can!
Use code: MD18020 - link in bio!

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Keeping them happy 🦌


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Incredible attraction and superior palatability are the side benefits that help attract big bucks. The team at Ani-Logics Outdoors applied science to the art of attracting deer to help you attract more deer with its tempting sweet and salty deer mineral combination. Use this attractant solo or pair with Black Ops Disguised as Dirt Deer Attractant for the complete package! ...

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"Ani-Logics mineral water is a great way to get the minerals whitetails need into their system! While letting the whole herd get some as well. Check out Ani-Logics website where they can fill all your mineral, supplement and food plot needs!"
- @jshockley_anilogics

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Deploy Black Ops Special Forces for bears and tempt them with the irresistible sweetness of liquid molasses and anise! ...

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The 15th is your last day to get the CRUSH Apple liquid for 20% off! Its the best to pair with blocks, granulars or to pour over logs! Use code: 4CRUSHAPPLE20 at checkout - link in bio! ...

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"A great way to get inventory!" ...

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We`ve bottled up that tempting attraction and made it even better! The minerals and essential oils we include mean added health benefits for your herd! Say "goodbye" to the old way of dumping out apples and say "hello" to CRUSH Ani-Signature Series Apple Liquid Attractant! Pour it out wherever you want to attract deer! 20% OFF this month - use code: 4CRUSHAPPLE20 at checkout!

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Do you ever wonder what nutrients your food plot really needs? With the Seeds of Science soil test, you will get fertilizer recommendations as to how many pounds of fertilizer you will need to have the best food plots in the neighborhood. ...

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Ani-Logics customer Bryn Forstner has his plot prepped and is giving his herd the right nutrients to have a healthy herd. This combination is deadly and is part of our Mineral Madness bundle. It`s the perfect storm of attraction, longevity, and nutrition! ...

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"If you`re looking to attract that big bruin into your area use the @anilogics Berry Blast block with Special Forces Molasses & Anise Bear liquid!" ...

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Only a few days left to get a deal on the CRUSH Pro Bean blend! Ends April 30th, use code BEANS2 - link in bio! ...

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Having trouble trying to decide on which @thecrushtv seeds to plant? This guide is going to be your best friend!! ...

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"We took the kids out for a walk in the woods and put out more minerals again since the season has ended. Giving minerals this time of year has so many benefits! Including: boosting immune systems, helping fight infections, and promoting healthy fawns during pregnancy." - Pro-Staffer, Erin Demase @nocked_outdoors21 ...

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Mix `n match those Braggin Rights attractants!
What is your favorite combination?

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New Pro-Staffer alert!!
Emily Lipinski is located in Iowa and has been hunting for 16 years!!

How did you get started? : Started shotgun hunting deer in Minnesota with my dad, then waterfowl hunting. In 2020 I started bowhunting and have been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite thing about Ani-Logics?
My favorite thing about Ani-Logics is the nutritional value they put in each of their products to better the deer.

Favorite product and why?
My favorite Ani-Logics product would have to be the mineral block or supplement gold, because they offer nutrients for antler growth and offer essentials to the deer`s overall health.

We are so glad you`re apart of the team, Emily!!
You can read more about her through our website on the Pro-Staff page!!

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"Is it just me.. or is there something oddly satisfying about drizzling @anilogics black ops liquid molasses attractant on their mineral block! I dont see how the deer could resist this! Looks so good!"
- @wildtech_girl

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Apples have a long-standing reputation as a superior whitetail attractant. We`ve bottled up that tempting attraction and made it even better and now you can get 20% off a 4 pack!! Use code: 4CRUSHAPPLE20 at checkout - link in bio! ...

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Mineral Dirt 180 Liquid is the perfect way to boost your deer`s mineral intake by supplementing the organic matter that they are already consuming! Pair the liquid with our Mineral Dirt and Mineral block for the perfect mineral combination. ...

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Deploy Black Ops Rendezvous for moose anywhere you want to attract more moose. Sweet and salty liquid anise tempts both bulls and cows, making it your first choice for moose attraction as you head out into the woods. ...

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Dont miss the Black Ops Whiteout deal that ends April 15th!! The Whiteout Frenzy Bundle is 20% off!
Use code: WOFRENZY20 - link in bio

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Mineral Dirt 180 provides nutrients your deer may be missing, like vitamins, probiotics, essential oils, and important bone-building minerals such as: Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese. Put this mineral out during the spring and fall to maximize your herd health and growth. Available in a 4lb, 10lb and 20lb bag. ...

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"A combination of Ani-Supplement Gold and an acorn brick makes the great nutrition in the deer herd and helps us with inventory to see what deer made it through the season"
- @a1outdoors_

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How many deer can you see in this photo?!? ...

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Happy April! Get the CRUSH 50lb Pro Bean Blend for $2 off until the end of the month!
Use code: BEANS2 - link in bio!!

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