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For overall health
  • Targeted for increased antler growth and immune support
  • Copper, Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium
  • Chelated minerals (minerals bound to a protein)
  • Chelation can increase absorption by up to 70%
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  • Improves digestion
  • Increases intestinal function
  • 70% of immune system is determined by “gut” health
  • Laboratory researched
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Exclusive, proprietary attractants
  • Pattern and hold deer on your hunting property

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Did you know our forage soybeans have 5 different varieties!? Learn more by watching this video!

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We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Meyers Distribution to the family of Ani-Logics Outdoors partners!!
Products you can get at Meyers Distribution include:
-Crush The Perfect "10" 10 lb. bag
-Crush Pro Clover 2 lb. bag
-Crush Pro Clover 2 lb. bag
-Crush Caveman Blend 3.5 lb bag
-Crush Radishes 1 lb bag
-Black Ops Whiteout Granular
-Ani-Mineral Block
-Ani-Protein Block
-Crush Acorn Block
-Crush Apple Block
-Ani-Supplement Gold 20 lb. bag
-Ani-X Scent Attractant
-Crush Apple 5 & 15 lb. bags
-Crush Acorn 5 & 15 lb bags
-Black Ops Granular


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"5 years ago this farm of Tom and Lee`s in southern Illinois was just growing grass and had very poor soils. Now its growing brassicas the size of cantaloupe and 260 bushel corn and 75 bushel soybeans. Hundreds of tons of foliage and bulbs! One down side is it makes for a rough ride in the side by side. 🤣" ...

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Cant wait for those green grasses and to start putting out minerals 🔥 ...

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Create a field of nature`s candy and offer your deer amazing late season attraction with CRUSH Seeds of Science Pro Sugar Beets. This killer blend is a result of years of research and extensive testing, resulting in a tempting mix that deer can`t resist. Sugar beets, premium brassicas, and superior clover varieties make this easily established food plot a Lakosky favorite. The exceptionally high sugar content of these premium sugar beets maximizes attraction and palatability; making this an irresistible sweet treat for whitetails!

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Get it while you can! Buy two Black Ops Blocks and get 20% off! This deal ends Feb. 15th!!
Use code: 2BOBLOCK20 - purchase through the link in our bio!

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One of our most popular annual planted plots that has high tonage and high protein - the Pro Brassica blend! Learn more by listening to this video!

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Try the Black Ops Special Forces Bear Berry Blast liquid today! You can pair it with any of our other products or put out by itself! ...

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Its that time of year to start thinking about planting your spring food plots!! What is your go to @thecrushtv Seeds of Science blend?! ...

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Late season inventory ✏️
@rachellhedrick and @josh_smokehole are trying to keep tabs on the herd as the antlers are starting to drop.

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Apples have a long-standing reputation as a superior whitetail attractant. We crushed apples and mixed them with our proprietary attractant to create the ultimate deer attractant. ...

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Whether its winter or summer, blocks are one of the best products to put out so deer can get the proper nutrients they need!! Blocks are long lasting, durable and and are a proven way to provide the key nutrients deer not only need to survive, but to thrive. ...

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Get the CRUSH Clover plus Alfalfa for $18 off this month!!
Expires February 29th

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Did you know our forage soybeans have 5 different varieties!? Learn more by watching this video!

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All smiles when you put out Ani-Logics Outdoors products!!! ...

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One of the best products to put out during the winter is the Ani-protein block. The Ani-Protein Block is fortified with vitamins and minerals that are vital to the overall health of the deer herd. Convenience-of-use and longevity are two of the biggest advantages of Ani-Protein Block ...

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High-ranking nutrients like chelated minerals, healthy essential oils, and beneficial probiotics promote deer health and antler growth, making Black Ops Deer Anthem Molasses the ultimate strategic move for superior deer attraction. ...

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CRUSH Bricks are the perfect size and weight to throw in your pack or carry when headed into the woods! Top with a granular for the perfect pairing! ...

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Searching for an alternative to regular clover plots? Up your hunting game and spice up your food plots with this unique blend of CRUSH® Seeds of Science™ Holy Clover, special alfalfas and premium clover varieties.

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Braggin’ Rights for the win.

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Ready for deer attraction that takes your hunt to a whole new level? Acorns have long been known as a superior deer attractant. CRUSH Acorn puts the tempting power of acorns to work for you, attracting and holding deer on your hunting ground. Not only does it offer amazing attraction, but it also gives your herd healthy vitamins, minerals, probiotics and essential oils; offering optimal nutrition with unrivaled attraction!

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Ever wish you could plant a food plot in the spring that could enhance your soil and fix nitrogen levels for your fall-planted plot? With four different annual clovers, (Arrowleaf Clover, Balansa Clover, Berseem Clover, and Crimson Clover) Fixin` Clover is quick to germ, helps reduce weed competition during the spring and summer, maximizes forage biomass and nitrogen fixation, supports soil health, and antler growth; making it the perfect choice for serious food plotters. @thecrushtv ...

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When it comes to year-round whitetail nutrition, build a better deer with Ani-Supplement Gold! This complete deer feed is scientifically formulated with the highest quality ingredients. We start off with a grain-base and add in extras that take deer feed to the next level!

Balanced proteins, energy content, and Ani-Shield TX4® Technology provide the building blocks for growth and health, and are designed to work specifically with the natural diet of white-tailed deer, with the necessary minerals and vitamins for peak performance. Ani-Shield TX4® is a deer "power pack" that includes: chelated minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and essential oils critical for peak performance. Mold inhibitors keep feed fresher longer and promote higher digestibility. Ani-Supplement Gold® offers nutrition, plus amazing attraction!

Studies show that consistent supplemental feeding:
Improves body conditionIncreases antler growthImproves herd health

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What flavor of CRUSH attractans does your deer like most??


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A combination that attracts! ...

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