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How to Pull a Buck Away from a Doe

Deer Calling

The scenario is all too common.  A doe pops out of cover and she looks nervous.  She keeps looking back into the woods when all of a sudden one of your target bucks comes out and starts chasing her.  You can tell the doe isn’t ...

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What We Can Learn From Scrapes

Ani-Logics Deer Scrape

Scrapes are popping up all over the white-tail’s range and that will continue for the next month. If you have ever been on social media, you may have seen someone “check-in” somewhere. To me, a buck making a scrape is the animal’s way of “checking ...

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Creating a Hit List

Deer eating Ani-Logics Ani-Supplement Gold

Creating a list of bucks that I would be glad to harvest versus bucks that I would like to see get another year older is something I enjoy almost as much as hunting. Yes, it’s true that I’m not really surprised by a buck when ...

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The Perfect Setup

Deer/Land Management

I am really excited to hunt a property again that has what I believe is the perfect setup. There is a small finger of woods that divides two food plots, and I have a tree stand located in the middle of it. The deer bed ...

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I Can’t Bait, but if I Could, Here’s How I Would Do It

Cory Arnold

I live in Minnesota where we are not allowed to feed deer in areas we are actively hunting. I am a law-abiding citizen and bending the rules to bag a buck is not something I would ever consider. This year I am hunting in North ...

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How to Make Your Own Turkey Reaping Decoy

Turkey Decoy

Turkey reaping, or stalking, is becoming more and more popular as birds become wise to our calling techniques. Although reaping a turkey can be highly effective, it shouldn’t be your first option when trying to kill a turkey. This method is more of a “well ...

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How to Score A Buck

How to Score a Buck

I constantly see hunters post a pic of their buck on social media saying “can you score this for me?” I’m thinking in my head: “You have the rack why don’t you score it yourself?” Then I realize there are a still a lot a ...

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Late Rut Tactics

Whitetail Deer

The rut isn’t over until the fat lady sings, but she is walking out on the stage and doing a few mic checks. If you haven’t punched your tag yet, don’t worry, the last stages of the rut can still be an exciting time in ...

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How to Name a Buck

Whitetail Deer Feeder

Remember when you used to go hunting and have no idea of what the bucks in your area looked like before you shot them? Gone are the days of shooting a buck just to see how big he is. Now we have gotten to the ...

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