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Ani-Logics Outdoors® is a deer nutrition feed company specializing in using the latest technologies available in veterinarian medicine and animal nutrition to help sustain and create a healthy diet for whitetail deer. Ani-Logics™ was born in response to requests for help in fighting Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) outbreaks. Veterinarians and scientists worked side by side to develop sound scientific based deer nutrition. As a new company in the Prairie Holdings family of companies, Ani-Logics™ was able to pull people, talent, and knowledge, from a variety of our already existing companies. Veterinary Medical Center and Veterinary Medical Center Labs provided skilled Veterinarians with many years of animal knowledge and experience. Pro Pig, Pro Cattle, and Pro Pig Nutrition provided animal nutritionists with years of feed manufacturing and animal nutritional need knowledge. Ideas computers provided technology and programs necessary to analyze and interpret data. Cambridge Technologies provides scientists with a vast knowledge base of disease, vaccines, and the disease process. PHG leadership brings business savvy and know how helping to keep costs down bringing a reasonably priced product to the consumer.

Through the development of a health-based feed, Ani-Logics™ found a way to combine their passion for hunting and the outdoors with their strong scientific and animal health background. The result is an intelligent; quality deer feed company made up of real hunters, vets and scientists; dedicated to bringing you the BEST deer feed on the market.

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