What is Ani-Shield TX4?

Ani-Shield TX4® is a health pack designed to improve immune system function. It sets our product apart from any other feed or mineral product on the market. It contains essential oils, probiotics, chelated minerals, and vitamins. It also contains a proprietary aromatic attractant that deer can smell from a very long distance. When a deer’s immune system is functioning properly, they are better able to defend against deadly disease outbreaks caused by Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease or EHD. Having Ani-Shield TX4® in all of our products helps give your deer a fighting chance to not only survive, but to thrive. It helps your herd express their full genetic potential in terms of antler growth, body size, and productivity.


How do I set up a mineral site?

Check out this informative video on how to set up a mineral site. Click Here


Can I pour Supplement on the ground?

Supplement will be readily consumed by deer if fed on the ground, but you risk exposure to non-target species such as squirrels and raccoons. We suggest putting it in a feeder (if legal in your area). This will better focus your efforts on white-tailed deer which also has the added benefit of keeping your feed out of the elements where it will last longer.


How many mineral sites do I need on my property?

Habitat and deer density vary widely across the US, but a good rule of thumb is to have 1 mineral site per 80 acres of land. If you have more than 20 deer visiting a site, consider adding additional sites to better serve your deer herd.


Where can I buy Ani-Logics™ products?

Check out our Retailer Locator to find out who sells Ani-Logics™. Not a retailer near you? Consider asking your local sporting goods store or archery shop to add the Ani-Logics™ line of products to their inventory.


How do I become an Ani-Logics™ Pro-Staff?

We have a select few pro staffers, and would like to add a few more in different parts of the country. In order to be considered for Pro-Staff, please submit a demo video for Ani-Logics™ to review. It could be a hunt or simply setting up a trail camera survey using our products in the field.  Send video or a link to the video to tneuman@anilogics.com.


Do you have any employment openings?

Check our employment website portal for any job openings.


Can I get free samples?

In order to obtain a FREE sample, you can visit the Ani-Logics™ trade show booth. Click here to find out what show we will be attending next (scroll down to see “Upcoming Events.”)


Do you offer bulk discounts?

We offer bulk discounts to Outfitters and large land managers willing to commit to 2 tons of product over the course of a year. If you believe you qualify for bulk discounts, please contact Tim at tneuman@anilogics.com to obtain a price sheet.


How much corn do I add to JAC: Just Add Corn Supplement Base Mix?

The proper ratio is 2 parts corn to 1 part of JAC. For one 10# bag of JAC, you would add 20# of corn to have 30# of complete feed.


Can you send product to my fundraising event?

While every event is different, if we sent free product to everyone that asks for it we would not be sustainable as a business.   If you believe you have a meaningful donation opportunity, please submit your request to info@anilogics.com.