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Attract a shooter worth Bragging about! Braggin Rights® Acorn Deer Attractant is a powerful grain-based attractant that can be used alone or mixed with corn. The potent acorn scent will lure deer to your early season trail cameras or use throughout the year for scouting trophy bucks. Braggin Rights® Acorn is field-tested with proven results. It is formulated with Ani-Shield TX4® Technology, a concentrated deer power pack, designed to promote deer health and antler growth. Healthier deer, mean bigger deer, with bigger racks. Bring home a trophy worth Bragging about!

Braggin’ Rights® Acorn Deer Attractant Features:

  • Powerful Acorn attractant for whitetail deer
  • Ani-Shield TX4® Technology designed to support immunity and health in whitetail deer
  • Great trail camera attractant for early season deer scouting
  • Can be used alone or mixed with corn for a deer feed supplement
  • Lure and hold deer for a successful hunting season
  • 6 lbs. Easy to carry handle
Directions for Use:

Attractant– Pour on the ground in a pile or in strips in your hunting area or anywhere you want to attract deer.

Trail Camera – Use as bait in front of your trail camera to scout your herd for that perfect buck.

Food Plot Topper – Sprinkle or spread over a wide area of your food plot to greatly enhance your plot’s desirability and usage.

Feed/Grain Additive – Use alone in any type of feeder or trough or add 1 bag to 25 lbs. of grain or corn.

Customer Reviews

Placed my first order back in May/June was I skeptical, yes, seen the product on many hunting shows but I knew I needed something that worked better than the off brands. Needless to say I've reordered and every time I see Anilogics on retail I grab every bag! You WILL get results and see deer within 24 hours at your cams. I run 20 cams on 300+ acres and every one has Anilogics in front of it. You need to get inventory, this is the stuff to get the job done!

Reviewed by: Corey Umhoefer; on 07/08/2017

Bragging Rights Apple is a great product to attract deer. I used it mix with my corn and the deer couldn't get enough. I place a new feed spobt just to see and less than 8 hours later they found

Reviewed by: Jason D; on 15/12/2016

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