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Ready for deer attraction that works? Braggin Rights® Acorn Deer Attractant is designed to attract a shooter worth Braggin’ about! Hunters everywhere are aware of the irresistible temptation of acorns to whitetails. Attract, pattern, and hold deer with the powerful attraction of Braggin Rights® Acorn, but amazing attraction isn’t the only benefit; as well as being known for its powerful scent, it’s also fortified with our exclusive Ani-Shield TX4® Technology designed to promote deer health and antler growth. If you’re looking to perform a trail cam survey, or are able to legally bait in your state, pick up a bag of Braggin Rights® and see the difference real attraction can make!

Braggin’ Rights® Acorn Deer Attractant Features:

  • Powerful Acorn attractant for whitetail deer
  • Ani-Shield TX4® Technology designed to support immunity and health in whitetail deer
  • Great trail camera attractant for early season deer scouting
  • Can be used alone or mixed with corn for a deer feed supplement
  • Lure and hold deer for a successful hunting season
  • 6 lbs. Easy to carry handle

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Directions for Use:

  Attractant– Pour on the ground in a pile or in strips in your hunting area or anywhere you want to attract deer. Trail Camera – Use as bait in front of your trail camera to scout your herd for that perfect buck. Food Plot Topper – Sprinkle or spread over a wide area of your food plot to greatly enhance your plot’s desirability and usage. Feed/Grain Additive – Use alone in any type of feeder or trough or add 1 bag to 25 lbs. of grain or corn.

Customer Reviews

The product was good and worked well

Reviewed by: Scott Kloster; on 10/09/2018

It is some of the best deer attractant I have ever used and I've been hunting for 35 years

Reviewed by: Robert Fields; on 09/08/2018

Placed my first order back in May/June was I skeptical, yes, seen the product on many hunting shows but I knew I needed something that worked better than the off brands. Needless to say I've reordered and every time I see Anilogics on retail I grab every bag! You WILL get results and see deer within 24 hours at your cams. I run 20 cams on 300+ acres and every one has Anilogics in front of it. You need to get inventory, this is the stuff to get the job done!

Reviewed by: Corey Umhoefer; on 07/08/2017

Bragging Rights Apple is a great product to attract deer. I used it mix with my corn and the deer couldn't get enough. I place a new feed spobt just to see and less than 8 hours later they found

Reviewed by: Jason D; on 15/12/2016

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