You won’t believe what ESSENTIAL OILS can do for your DEER HERD!

You’ve heard of using essential oils to promote health in humans, but using essential oils to create a healthier deer feed? Does that really work? The answer is a resounding YES! Studies show that essential oils can have some very beneficial health attributes.

A team of Ani-Logics’™ scientists tested the efficacy rates of essential oils against various pathogens and found these surprising results: Essential oils proved to be more effective against pathogens than harsh antibiotics with fewer side effects.

Essential Oil

It was also found that specific oils have specific health promoting properties that are unique to each of the oils.

Ani-Logics Outdoors® knows the scientific benefits of adding essential oils to deer feed. The following are 5 main reasons Ani-Logics™ adds essential oils to Ani-Shield TX4® Technology.

1). Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation occurs as a defense mechanism of the body. Triggers such as damaged cells, pathogens, or irritants cause alarm to the immune system and cause inflammation or swelling. Inflammation is the body’s attempt to remove harmful stimuli and attempt to heal. However, chronic inflammation can cause several diseases and conditions, and can be detrimental to the health of a whitetail. Anti-inflammatories are extremely useful in promoting deer health. Various essential oils demonstrate these amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

2). Anti-Viral Properties

Viruses can cause animals disease and even death. EHD and Blue Tongue are two examples of viruses that negatively effect whitetails. Using oils with Anti-Viral properties can be very beneficial in warding off these disease-causing viruses.

3). Anti-Bacterial Properties

Bacterial infections can cause major disease and even death. Death does not always occur from the initial disease or infection, but rather the secondary opportunistic bacterial infections, such as pneumonia; that occur due to a suppressed immune system.   Essential oils with anti-bacterial properties help to fight these deadly primary and/or secondary bacterial infections.

4). Anti-Fungal Properties

Along with bacteria and viruses, fungus can also compromise the health of whitetails. Certain skin and lung infections are actually caused by funguses. The Anti-Fungal properties of certain oils can be a valuable tool in the fight against fungal infections.

5). Synergistic Effects of Multiple Oils

When essential oils are used together, through the combining of oils, the oil properties and benefits are amplified as the oils work in harmony and collaboratively to have a much deeper more far reaching effects than using a single oil alone. Ani-Logics™ products use an essential oils cocktail in order to boost the health benefits of essential oils. The power and properties of essential oils are strengthened when used in combination.

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