Deer Minerals and Attractants: When is the best time to use them?

Knowing what time of year that deer will utilize mineral and feed sites can help you maximize their benefits by making them available to deer when they actually use them. So when is that time exactly? Tim explains how he uses the Ani-Logics Product line throughout the year.

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Feeding Corn and Whitetail Deer

Understanding the proper balance between corn and additional supplemental feed to gain the maximum genetic advantage in your whitetail deer herd. Doctor Brian Dorcey of Ani-Logics Outdoors discusses the benefits and downfalls of feeding corn in the whitetail deer diet. Learn about the importance of adding a protein source, such as Supplement 365, to your deers diet and the benefit it has on your herd management and hunting success.

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The National Deer Alliance / 2015 Deer Summit

Here at Ani-Logics, We strive to stay current with wildlife meetings that happen throughout the country. Last month we attended the 2015 Deer Summit put on by the National Deer Alliance. The main objective of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) is to unify deer hunters and increase our strength in numbers by reaching out to members of other deer organizations such as Quality Deer Management Association, Whitetails Unlimited, and the Mule Deer Foundation.

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Meet Tim Neuman - Wildlife Biologist

Who is behind the scenes at Ani-Logics Outdoors? We want to introduce Tim Neuman, the Ani-Logics Outdoors Wildlife biologist and contributor to the Ani-Logics blog. Tim manages the Ani-Logics properties and develops our supplemental deer feeding programs with the Ani-Logics product line.

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The Start of Ani-Logics Outdoors®

Ani-Logics was born in response to requests for help in fighting recent Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) outbreaks. Veterinarians and scientists worked side by side to develop sound scientific based deer nutrition. As a new company in the Prairie Holdings family of companies, Ani-Logics was able to pull people, talent, and knowledge, from a variety of our already existing companies to bring you the best deer feed on the market.

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