Interesting Trail Cam Pictures

Every year that I run trail cameras, it never ceases to amaze me how many interesting things I would miss if I was not using trail cameras.

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Advice for Aging Bucks on the Hoof

With trail camera pictures rolling in, it’s time to decide if that borderline buck is on the hit list or if he gets a free pass this year.

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Tree Stand Safety - Don't Leave Home Without It

Every year I hear of someone that had an accident involving treestand setup or use. This blog will explain the steps you should take to stay safe while using a treestand.

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Hemorrhagic Disease, Salt Content and the Connection to Water Sources

Now is the time of year when Hemorrhagic Disease (HD) tends to hit deer herds the hardest. There is little doubt that water availability is related to the severity of outbreak. In late summer, rain is less common than in the springtime in most areas and water sources begin to dry up throughout the landscape. The effects are intensified when a drought occurs.

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Rub and Scrape Activity on the Rise

As autumn progresses, photoperiod becomes shorter which triggers a change in circulating hormone levels of both bucks and does. This means that rubs and scrapes will occur more frequently across the landscape. This is a great time of year to switch your trail camera to an active scrape.

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Tips for Making Your Trail Camera Survey a Success

With hunting season quickly approaching, antler growth is nearing completion and it’s time to gear up for a trail camera survey of the local deer herd.

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The Next Great Debate

As a deer hunter, I read all sorts of heated debates about what is the best management practice for a given area. Some examples include: To shoot spikes or not to shoot spikes? What age should we allow bucks to get before we make harvest decisions? Do we need antler point restrictions? Should everyone be allowed to shoot crossbows during archery season? Does a camera that sends pictures to a website in real time give hunters an unfair advantage?

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Deer Minerals and Attractants: When is the best time to use them?

Knowing what time of year that deer will utilize mineral and feed sites can help you maximize their benefits by making them available to deer when they actually use them. So when is that time exactly? Tim explains how he uses the Ani-Logics Product line throughout the year.

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Feeding Corn and Whitetail Deer

Understanding the proper balance between corn and additional supplemental feed to gain the maximum genetic advantage in your whitetail deer herd. Doctor Brian Dorcey of Ani-Logics Outdoors discusses the benefits and downfalls of feeding corn in the whitetail deer diet. Learn about the importance of adding a protein source, such as Supplement 365, to your deers diet and the benefit it has on your herd management and hunting success.

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