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Ani-Supplement Gold® SPIN – 1 Ton Tote
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Ani-Supplement Gold® SPIN is the same great grain-based deer feed as Ani-Supplement Gold®, but in pelleted form. Spin was specifically designed for use with spin feeders and is made with the highest quality ingredients. This exclusive blend of rumen digestible proteins and bypass proteins is the answer to your year-round deer feeding needs! Ani-Supplement Gold® SPIN also includes Ani-Shield TX4® Technology, a concentrated deer “power pack”, with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and essential oils. Mold inhibitors help this blend stay fresher longer – eliminating waste!

Remember consistent supplementation with the right feed can give your deer an edge by:

  • Improving body condition
  • Increasing antler growth
  • Improving herd health

2000 lbs. (1 Ton Tote)

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