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Ani-Supplement Gold® – Half Pallet
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When it comes to year-round whitetail nutrition, build a better deer with Ani-Supplement Gold®! This complete deer feed is scientifically formulated with the highest quality ingredients. We start off with a grain base and add in extras that take deer feed to the next level! Balanced proteins, energy content, and Ani-Shield TX4® Technology provide the building blocks for growth and health, and are designed to work specifically with the natural diet of white-tailed deer, with the necessary minerals and vitamins for peak performance. Did we mention that Ani-Supplement Gold® includes Ani-Shield TX4® Technology? Ani-Shield TX4® is a deer “power pack” that includes: chelated minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and essential oils critical for peak performance. Mold inhibitors keep feed fresher longer and promote higher digestibility. Ani-Supplement Gold® offers nutrition plus amazing attraction!

Studies show that consistent supplemental feeding:

  • Improves body condition
  • Increases antler growth
  • Improves herd health

20 – 50 lb. bags

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