Liquid Mineral Dirt® 180 – 1 Gallon, 4-Pack
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Introducing Mineral Dirt® 180 Liquid! The same great formula used in Mineral Dirt® 180 and Ani-Mineral Block™ is now conveniently available in liquid form. It’s conveniently ready to use with no mixing required. It provides important bone building minerals like copper, zinc, selenium, and manganese plus Ani-Shield TX4® Technology to create a beneficial mineral lick. Our minerals are chelated. The chelation process makes minerals more available and easily absorbed by whitetails. In addition, Mineral Dirt® 180 Liquid offers incredible attraction! Pour out anywhere you want to attract and hold deer.

Customer Reviews

Works really good. Applied them about a month ago on logs and they are still hitting the logs. Liquid last about 5-7 weeks but they love it!

Reviewed by: Trent Huston; on 07/08/2017

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