Four Winter Projects You Should Be Doing (Right Now!)

For much of the country, deer seasons have closed or will be closing soon. Do not be fooled into thinking the work is over! Wintertime is packed full of whitetail ‘to-do’s’. From chainsaw work to post-season trail camera survey’s, winter can be an excellent time to tackle those whitetail projects you’ve had planned. Here are four things you should be focused on this winter.

Trail Cam Survey


1. Recover: Your deer are stressed and desperately trying to pack on weight and conserve energy to survive until spring green up. Regularly feeding with Ani-Supplement Gold™, Ani-Protein Block 365™, and Ani-Mineral Block™ will ensure your herd is receiving necessary nutrients they need so they can bounce back. Ani-Logics’ science based products are specifically developed to protect your deer by utilizing minerals, vitamins and essential oils that deer are deficient in.

2. Timber Time: If your property is due to have timber cut, winter is the best time to have your property professionally logged. The frozen ground (especially in the Midwest) will not scar the woods or create unwanted divots. This is also a great time to break out a chainsaw and create bedding areas by hinge-cutting or simply fell unwanted tree species such as Iron Wood and Black Locust. Cutting down unwanted species will open the canopy and hopefully bring about high protein shrubs and berry bushes come late spring.

3.Trail Camera Survey: My post-season trail camera survey is my favorite. Familiar faces emerge to let me know they survived, and new bucks make their way to my property whether they are passing through, or here to spend the winter. Braggin Rights® or an Ani-Mineral Block™ are a wintertime favorite for trail cam surveys. Deer prefer the path of least resistance during deep snow or extreme cold. With that in mind, logging roads make for excellent post-season trail camera locations.

Trail Cam Survey


4. Tree Stand Tweaks: Post-season is a great time to remove stands from the woods and extend their life. If you regularly replace old stands or switch on new ratchet straps, winter can be the best time to move stands and find new locations. Not having to deal with mosquitos or dripping sweat are a few of the advantages to completing these projects during a mild winter day. Be sure to inspect all straps again before the season and before climbing in for each hunt!

Paul Annear, Ani-Logics Pro-Staff

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