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A Shed Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

When snow piles up this much, it can sometimes create awesome shed hunting opportunities if you happen to find where deer have been “yarding” up together.

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How Deer Survive the Extreme Cold

Deer in Snow

We are in the midst of an extreme cold front hitting the upper Midwest, and many hunters are concerned about how deer will cope with the extreme cold temperatures.  The good part about this cold snap is that it is relatively short-lived.  Here in Minnesota, ...

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EHD hits in Wet Years Too

Whitetail Deer EHD

HemorrhagicDisease or (HD) is a disease that effects white-tailed deer that is caused by two closely related viruses, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Blue tongue Virus (BT).  Outbreaks have occurred throughout the white-tail’s range, and in bad years the death toll can be in the ...

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Staying Ahead of the Nutrition Game

Whitetail Deer in snow

As the rut winds down in the Northern portion of the white-tails range, available nutrition on the landscape begins a downward tumble.  Bucks have lost a lot of energy in the marathon we call the rut.  Deer have adopted a way to survive by lowering ...

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How to Pull a Buck Away from a Doe

Deer Calling

The scenario is all too common.  A doe pops out of cover and she looks nervous.  She keeps looking back into the woods when all of a sudden one of your target bucks comes out and starts chasing her.  You can tell the doe isn’t ...

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What We Can Learn From Scrapes

Ani-Logics Deer Scrape

Scrapes are popping up all over the white-tail’s range and that will continue for the next month. If you have ever been on social media, you may have seen someone “check-in” somewhere. To me, a buck making a scrape is the animal’s way of “checking ...

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Supplementing Your Way to Successful Fawn Recruitment

Fawn and Doe

Fawning season has arrived across much of the white-tail’s range. Most serious deer managers understand the importance of feeding deer year-round, but the fawning period is a critical time to enhance your deer herd. This time of year, does have spread out across the landscape ...

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Illinois State Legislation: Bill Status for SB2493

Ani-Logics in Illinois

Have you heard? Senate Bill 2493 (SB-2493) will be heard and voted on in the Illinois Senate Ag Committee Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Ani-Logics Outdoors will be in Springfield, Illinois to share our knowledge of supplemental feeding and it’s many benefits for the whitetail population. This bill will ...

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Supplementing Your Deer with Minerals

Ani-Logics Ani-Mineral Block

What Can Minerals Do for Your Deer Herd? More than you realize! MINERALS ARE ESSENTIAL Minerals are critical to skeletal growth (antlers) and body growth. NATURE IS NOT ENOUGH Nature does not provide the adequate nutrients and minerals for peak performance. Liver tissue analysis of un-supplemented deer across the ...

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