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Stop the CWD Madness

In mid August, a trophy bull elk was shot by the Pennsylvania Game Commission after it wandered into an area that had recently contained white-tailed deer that had tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Here is the press release on the event. They don’t ...

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Don't EVER Give Up!

If you would have told me that I would hunt hard for 2 days and not even lay eyes on a turkey, I would have told you to go pound sand.  But, that is exactly what happened to me on my latest turkey hunt.  I ...

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How to Set Up Trail Cameras for Turkey Season

I hope that someday there will be a listening device that you can put on a tree that detects a turkey gobbling and gives you a bearing and a distance.  Until that day comes, we are going to have to do a little scouting to ...

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Patterning Doe Groups to Fill Your Buck Tag

A lot of hunters put effort into finding and patterning bucks in order to harvest them, but now is also a great time to pattern the doe groups using your hunting property. In a few weeks, those doe groups are going to be the focal ...

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Scoring Your Trophy: Are Nets Really Just For Fishing?

Let me start this blog with the disclaimer that I am by no means an official scorer, nor do I promote any scoring system over another. I just happen to talk about the Boone and Crockett system more than any other, because they have the longest history of scoring antlers.

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Spring is here and now is a great time of year to implement prescribed fire on your property. Burning vegetation releases organic matter back into the soil so it can be utilized by this year’s plants. Fire is a natural part of most ecosystems and is a great way to break up thatch that has accumulated in a grassland habitat.

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Iowa Proposing Changes to Baiting Laws

There has been quite a bit of publicity regarding the Franz buck which was taken in Marion County Iowa in the fall of 2014. If you haven’t heard about the buck, you can read about it on the website which even has video of the hunt.

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Rut Movement and the Rumor Mill

Every year that I hunt, I hear reports from other hunters that usually sound like this: “You better get in the stand, they are rutting like crazy right now.”

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Deer Minerals and Attractants: When is the best time to use them?

Knowing what time of year that deer will utilize mineral and feed sites can help you maximize their benefits by making them available to deer when they actually use them. So when is that time exactly? Tim explains how he uses the Ani-Logics Product line throughout the year.

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