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I Can’t Bait, but if I Could, Here’s How I Would Do It

I live in Minnesota where we are not allowed to feed deer in areas we are actively hunting. I am a law-abiding citizen and bending the rules to bag a buck is not something I would ever consider. This year I am hunting in North ...

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Taste Testing Tactics: Find the Big Buck Sweet Spot

No two deer are alike. Even identical twins have slight differences in appearance. The same holds true for their taste buds. One deer might really prefer a certain food, but another might walk right past it. In this blog, I will highlight the differences in ...

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5 Easy Ways to Attract Bucks

Summer is a great time of year to take an inventory of bucks on your property. Although, not every buck you get on camera now will be on the property in the fall due to bachelor groups breaking up, it’s still nice to get an ...

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Summer Bucks

Trail camera season is almost upon us for the 2018 deer season. If you are really itching to see some velvet, you may already have your cameras out. I typically do not deploy all my trail cameras until July. Once that time hits, it is ...

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You won’t believe what ESSENTIAL OILS can do for your DEER HERD!

Essential Oil

You’ve heard of using essential oils to promote health in humans, but using essential oils to create a healthier deer feed? Does that really work? The answer is a resounding YES! Studies show that essential oils can have some very beneficial health attributes. A team of ...

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Supplementing Your Way to Successful Fawn Recruitment

Fawning season has arrived across much of the white-tail’s range. Most serious deer managers understand the importance of feeding deer year-round, but the fawning period is a critical time to enhance your deer herd. This time of year, does have spread out across the landscape ...

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Illinois State Legislation: Bill Status for SB2493

Have you heard? Senate Bill 2493 (SB-2493) will be heard and voted on in the Illinois Senate Ag Committee Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Ani-Logics Outdoors will be in Springfield, Illinois to share our knowledge of supplemental feeding and it’s many benefits for the whitetail population. This bill will ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Supplementing Your Deer with Minerals

What Can Minerals Do for Your Deer Herd? More than you realize! MINERALS ARE ESSENTIAL Minerals are critical to skeletal growth (antlers) and body growth. NATURE IS NOT ENOUGH Nature does not provide the adequate nutrients and minerals for peak performance. Liver tissue analysis of un-supplemented deer across the ...

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Ani-Logics Team to Head to Illinois

Help us pass progressive Deer Feeding legislation in Illinois!! Have you heard? Senate Bill 2493 (SB-2493) will be heard and voted on in the Illinois senate committee Thursday April 12,2018. Ani-Logics Outdoors will be in Springfield, Illinois on Thursday April 12 at 8am to share our knowledge of supplemental feeding and ...

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