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A Shed Hunter’s Worst Nightmare

When snow piles up this much, it can sometimes create awesome shed hunting opportunities if you happen to find where deer have been “yarding” up together.

How Deer Survive the Extreme Cold

We are in the midst of an extreme cold front hitting the upper Midwest, and many hunters are concerned about how deer will cope with the extreme cold temperatures.  The good part about this cold snap is that it is relatively short-lived.  Here in Minnesota, temperatures will rebound to normal within 3 days, so the … Continue reading “How Deer Survive the Extreme Cold”

EHD hits in Wet Years Too

HemorrhagicDisease or (HD) is a disease that effects white-tailed deer that is caused by two closely related viruses, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Blue tongue Virus (BT).  Outbreaks have occurred throughout the white-tail’s range, and in bad years the death toll can be in the hundreds of thousands.  When you hear about EHD hitting an … Continue reading “EHD hits in Wet Years Too”

Staying Ahead of the Nutrition Game

As the rut winds down in the Northern portion of the white-tails range, available nutrition on the landscape begins a downward tumble.  Bucks have lost a lot of energy in the marathon we call the rut.  Deer have adopted a way to survive by lowering their metabolism and moving less this time of year in … Continue reading “Staying Ahead of the Nutrition Game”

How to Pull a Buck Away from a Doe

The scenario is all too common.  A doe pops out of cover and she looks nervous.  She keeps looking back into the woods when all of a sudden one of your target bucks comes out and starts chasing her.  You can tell the doe isn’t working your direction, so what do you do?  Pulling a … Continue reading “How to Pull a Buck Away from a Doe”

What We Can Learn From Scrapes

Scrapes are popping up all over the white-tail’s range and that will continue for the next month. If you have ever been on social media, you may have seen someone “check-in” somewhere. To me, a buck making a scrape is the animal’s way of “checking in” to that location. They use their interdigital gland, tarsal … Continue reading “What We Can Learn From Scrapes”

Creating a Hit List

Creating a list of bucks that I would be glad to harvest versus bucks that I would like to see get another year older is something I enjoy almost as much as hunting. Yes, it’s true that I’m not really surprised by a buck when he shows up in a field because I already have … Continue reading “Creating a Hit List”

The Perfect Setup

I am really excited to hunt a property again that has what I believe is the perfect setup. There is a small finger of woods that divides two food plots, and I have a tree stand located in the middle of it. The deer bed in the woods is to the west of both plots … Continue reading “The Perfect Setup”

I Can’t Bait, but if I Could, Here’s How I Would Do It

I live in Minnesota where we are not allowed to feed deer in areas we are actively hunting. I am a law-abiding citizen and bending the rules to bag a buck is not something I would ever consider. This year I am hunting in North Dakota where baiting is legal, so now I have the … Continue reading “I Can’t Bait, but if I Could, Here’s How I Would Do It”

Taste Testing Tactics: Find the Big Buck Sweet Spot

No two deer are alike. Even identical twins have slight differences in appearance. The same holds true for their taste buds. One deer might really prefer a certain food, but another might walk right past it. In this blog, I will highlight the differences in taste preference among deer and give you strategies to find … Continue reading “Taste Testing Tactics: Find the Big Buck Sweet Spot”

5 Easy Ways to Attract Bucks

Summer is a great time of year to take an inventory of bucks on your property. Although, not every buck you get on camera now will be on the property in the fall due to bachelor groups breaking up, it’s still nice to get an idea of what is in the neighborhood. Here are 5 … Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Attract Bucks”

Summer Bucks

Trail camera season is almost upon us for the 2018 deer season. If you are really itching to see some velvet, you may already have your cameras out. I typically do not deploy all my trail cameras until July. Once that time hits, it is go time. Bucks are very active browsers throughout the entire … Continue reading “Summer Bucks”

You won’t believe what ESSENTIAL OILS can do for your DEER HERD!

You’ve heard of using essential oils to promote health in humans, but using essential oils to create a healthier deer feed? Does that really work? The answer is a resounding YES! Studies show that essential oils can have some very beneficial health attributes. A team of Ani-Logics’™ scientists tested the efficacy rates of essential oils … Continue reading “You won’t believe what ESSENTIAL OILS can do for your DEER HERD!”

How to Make Your Own Turkey Reaping Decoy

Turkey reaping, or stalking, is becoming more and more popular as birds become wise to our calling techniques. Although reaping a turkey can be highly effective, it shouldn’t be your first option when trying to kill a turkey. This method is more of a “well everything else we have tried isn’t working, so let’s go … Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Turkey Reaping Decoy”

Supplementing Your Way to Successful Fawn Recruitment

Fawning season has arrived across much of the white-tail’s range. Most serious deer managers understand the importance of feeding deer year-round, but the fawning period is a critical time to enhance your deer herd. This time of year, does have spread out across the landscape into their fawning range. The oldest, most dominant does have … Continue reading “Supplementing Your Way to Successful Fawn Recruitment”

Illinois State Legislation: Bill Status for SB2493

Have you heard? Senate Bill 2493 (SB-2493) will be heard and voted on in the Illinois Senate Ag Committee Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Ani-Logics Outdoors will be in Springfield, Illinois to share our knowledge of supplemental feeding and it’s many benefits for the whitetail population. This bill will be voted on and if passed, moved on … Continue reading “Illinois State Legislation: Bill Status for SB2493”

Reasons Why You Should Consider Supplementing Your Deer with Minerals

What Can Minerals Do for Your Deer Herd? More than you realize! MINERALS ARE ESSENTIAL Minerals are critical to skeletal growth (antlers) and body growth. NATURE IS NOT ENOUGH Nature does not provide the adequate nutrients and minerals for peak performance. Liver tissue analysis of un-supplemented deer across the country found deer to have deficient micro-mineral … Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Consider Supplementing Your Deer with Minerals”

Fanning the Flame: An Aggressive New Approach to Combat Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease is changing the landscape of hunting. The percentage of the US public that hunts is declining, along with funding for conservation efforts. Is the decline in hunting related to the negative press written in regards to CWD? Fear about the potential spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has caused some state agencies … Continue reading “Fanning the Flame: An Aggressive New Approach to Combat Chronic Wasting Disease”

How to Score A Buck

I constantly see hunters post a pic of their buck on social media saying “can you score this for me?” I’m thinking in my head: “You have the rack why don’t you score it yourself?” Then I realize there are a still a lot a people that don’t know how to properly score a buck. … Continue reading “How to Score A Buck”

Why all the dead deer on the side of the road?

The annual ‘spring shuffle’ for whitetails has officially begun. The number of dead deer you see right now can resemble November roadsides. What is the spring shuffle? In my observation, there are three main factors that contribute to the dead deer you see on the side of roads. Food sources cause deer to move distances, … Continue reading “Why all the dead deer on the side of the road?”

Ani-Logics Team to Head to Illinois

Help us pass progressive Deer Feeding legislation in Illinois!! Have you heard? Senate Bill 2493 (SB-2493) will be heard and voted on in the Illinois senate committee Thursday April 12,2018. Ani-Logics Outdoors will be in Springfield, Illinois on Thursday April 12 at 8am to share our knowledge of supplemental feeding and it’s many benefits for the whitetail population. … Continue reading “Ani-Logics Team to Head to Illinois”

6 Easy Methods to Track Herd Health

It’s no secret that healthy bucks grow bigger antlers than unhealthy bucks, but how can you tell if your herd is healthy? Here are 6 things you can do to help determine if your herd is healthy. Weigh your harvested deer. This is easier said than done, especially if you think about getting it weighed … Continue reading “6 Easy Methods to Track Herd Health”

How to Find a Pile of Shed Antlers

Shed deer antlers are some of the most interesting pieces of material on the planet. It never ceases to amaze me how something that cannot move is so hard to find. In many ways, the lack of locomotion of a shed is its best camouflage. Many times that I find a shed, I like to … Continue reading “How to Find a Pile of Shed Antlers”

Four Winter Projects You Should Be Doing (Right Now!)

For much of the country, deer seasons have closed or will be closing soon. Do not be fooled into thinking the work is over! Wintertime is packed full of whitetail ‘to-do’s’. From chainsaw work to post-season trail camera survey’s, winter can be an excellent time to tackle those whitetail projects you’ve had planned. Here are … Continue reading “Four Winter Projects You Should Be Doing (Right Now!)”

Feeding a Buck onto a New Home Range

Winter is a great time to find new bucks on your property. As natural food sources begin to diminish, bucks tend to search for food outside of their normal home range. If a buck finds a new consistent food source, chances are good that he will set up a new home range. You never know … Continue reading “Feeding a Buck onto a New Home Range”

How To Be A Good Hunting Neighbor

If you hunt on less than 5,000 acres, chances are good that some of the bucks you have on camera will be harvested by your neighbors. When that happens, you have two options: You can either do things to prevent this from happening in the future, or you can embrace the feeling that a fellow … Continue reading “How To Be A Good Hunting Neighbor”

Late Rut Tactics

The rut isn’t over until the fat lady sings, but she is walking out on the stage and doing a few mic checks. If you haven’t punched your tag yet, don’t worry, the last stages of the rut can still be an exciting time in the woods. Many years I only have a few daylight … Continue reading “Late Rut Tactics”

How to Name a Buck

Remember when you used to go hunting and have no idea of what the bucks in your area looked like before you shot them? Gone are the days of shooting a buck just to see how big he is. Now we have gotten to the point of categorizing bucks by age and location so much … Continue reading “How to Name a Buck”

Time to Grind

It’s here, the whitetail Super Bowl. Time to rise and grind, day after day. Vacation days will be eaten up and precious time will be spent on a stand. Rut strategies vary greatly depending on the hunter and their situation. Hunters who have generous time off to hunt might sit back and observe more often, … Continue reading “Time to Grind”

September and October: The Important Feeding Months

If you have ever experienced a harsh northern winter, you know the devastating effect it can have on deer populations. Heavy snowfall and cold temperatures make deer conserve energy by moving less, and in order to survive the worst winters, they rely heavily on fat reserves. Fat reserves are built mostly in September and October. … Continue reading “September and October: The Important Feeding Months”

Hunting Update and Tips to Understand Early Season Bedding

I just returned from Kansas where I spent 4 days hunting their early muzzleloader season. The day before the season opened, I drove around the land I could hunt and looked at the condition of the Ag fields. This time of year the beans are turning yellow and drying out in most areas. If you … Continue reading “Hunting Update and Tips to Understand Early Season Bedding”

Stop the CWD Madness

In mid August, a trophy bull elk was shot by the Pennsylvania Game Commission after it wandered into an area that had recently contained white-tailed deer that had tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Here is the press release on the event. They don’t say anything about the bull looking unhealthy. The lack of … Continue reading “Stop the CWD Madness”

How to Run a Rapid Herd Survey

If you are like me, free time is a limiting resource in your life. I work anywhere from 40-60 hours per week depending on the time of year, which leaves me little time to get out to my hunting property that is several hours from where I live. In this situation, I don’t have the … Continue reading “How to Run a Rapid Herd Survey”

Early Season Stand Placement

The recent cold front sweeping through parts of the upper Midwest has me itching to get into a deer stand! The first hint of chilly weather awakens my hunting senses gets me thinking about fall sights, sounds, and smells. Early season bow hunting is just around the corner for me here in Wisconsin and I … Continue reading “Early Season Stand Placement”

Missouri Pulls Out the Nutritional Rug on More Deer

The state of Missouri recently expanded their ban of feeding deer from 29 counties to 41 counties. Their objective is to slow the spread of CWD, but likely this will cause an increase in prevalence because some deer have grown accustom to feed/minerals being available in their habitat. There is some evidence that CWD can … Continue reading “Missouri Pulls Out the Nutritional Rug on More Deer”

Summer Trail Cam Hot Spots

Summer trail camera season is in full swing and hunters across the country are searching for that perfect spot to capture velvet bucks. When trying to pin down prime areas for big buck summer hangouts, I always begin searching for field edge spots or staging areas very close to food or a field edge. The … Continue reading “Summer Trail Cam Hot Spots”

How to Buy Ani-Logics™ on a Budget

I want to be honest, Ani-Logics Supplement is not the cheapest deer feed you can buy. Like most things in life, however, you get what you pay for. We have basically combined all the things that deer really love to eat with a health pack that helps improve immune system function. The mineral and vitamin … Continue reading “How to Buy Ani-Logics™ on a Budget”

Deer Hunting, CRP and the Farm Bill: What Can You Do?

I recently attended the North American Deer Summit put on by the National Deer Alliance. If you haven’t heard of the NDA, check out their website and become a member (It’s FREE). The North American Deer Summit was a meeting of many leaders in the deer world. There were industry representatives, state agency biologists, NGOs, … Continue reading “Deer Hunting, CRP and the Farm Bill: What Can You Do?”

Nutrition Begins in the Womb: How Nutrition Influences Genetic Expression

We all know that nutrition plays a role in antler and body growth. What many people don’t know is that a doe’s nutrition while she is carrying offspring can influence the future growth of that offspring both in antler and body growth. When a buck fawn is born to a mother that is undernourished, he … Continue reading “Nutrition Begins in the Womb: How Nutrition Influences Genetic Expression”

The Mood Swings of Spring Nutrition

Spring is a time of transition. Deer have made it through the winter and are focused on growth. The bucks are budding antlers and the does are in the last stages of pregnancy (except in the south where herds are several months behind). Green growth has started to explode here in the Midwest, but even … Continue reading “The Mood Swings of Spring Nutrition”

Don’t EVER Give Up!

If you would have told me that I would hunt hard for 2 days and not even lay eyes on a turkey, I would have told you to go pound sand.  But, that is exactly what happened to me on my latest turkey hunt.  I hunted Friday morning and dealt with high winds.  We set … Continue reading “Don’t EVER Give Up!”

How to Set Up Trail Cameras for Turkey Season

I hope that someday there will be a listening device that you can put on a tree that detects a turkey gobbling and gives you a bearing and a distance.  Until that day comes, we are going to have to do a little scouting to figure out where that spring gobbler is spending most of … Continue reading “How to Set Up Trail Cameras for Turkey Season”

The Myth of the “All-Natural Buck”

I talk to a lot of hunters while at trade shows, and I have heard a few say that they don’t use feed or minerals because it’s not natural and that deer can get everything they need from their natural diet.  My response to them is, “where is this ‘natural’ habitat?”  I can think of … Continue reading “The Myth of the “All-Natural Buck””

Hoof Rot: What Is It and What Can We Do About It?

Hoof rot is just as ugly as it sounds.  It’s a bacterial infection that deer can get when an open wound allows bacteria (Fusobacterium necrophorumto) to enter their flesh.  When the bacteria persist, the foot becomes enlarged and the bones of the hoof are literally eaten away by the toxicity of the bacteria.  It is … Continue reading “Hoof Rot: What Is It and What Can We Do About It?”

The Anticipation of Hunting

Every year that I hunt, I am optimistic about my opportunity to see and harvest a mature buck.  The excitement of killing a mature buck shakes me to my core, and that’s why I sit for hours and hours in a tree stand.  The anticipation of how the hunt will play out is something I … Continue reading “The Anticipation of Hunting”

Spring Scouting for Fall Success

Knowing where a buck spends most of his time is the biggest challenge to harvesting him.  If you wait until fall to locate a buck, you risk bumping him if you enter his bedding area.  In the spring, however, bumping a buck has fewer consequences, and you can also take your time to pick through … Continue reading “Spring Scouting for Fall Success”

Three Things to Help You Become a Shed Master

With shed season arriving here in the Midwest, it’s time to get your mind focused on finding bone.  There are three things that will help you find sheds consistently from one year to the next.  Those three things (in no particular order) are winter cover, feed, and effort.  When all of those things occur on … Continue reading “Three Things to Help You Become a Shed Master”

How to Reduce Post-Rut mortality

When I find a dead buck while shed hunting I have mixed feelings.  First, I’m excited that I found something with antlers.  Antlers are the coolest thing on the planet so I’m happy to be blessed with a set that I can enjoy for years to come.  Then, my feelings change as I realize this … Continue reading “How to Reduce Post-Rut mortality”

The Knee Jerk Reaction to Chronic Wasting Disease

The Minnesota DNR recently discovered 2 new cases of Chronic Wasting Disease.  In response, the DNR has activated its response plan which includes killing as many deer as possible around the infected deer, as well as banning feeding in the newly formed disease management zone.  In my professional opinion, their intentions are well meaning, but … Continue reading “The Knee Jerk Reaction to Chronic Wasting Disease”

How to Feed Your Way to Daytime Movement

No matter where you are in the country, chances are high that the deer in your area have been hunted to the point that daytime activity has greatly decreased compared to earlier in the year.  Even if you have been careful not to over-hunt your property, the surrounding land owners might not have been so … Continue reading “How to Feed Your Way to Daytime Movement”

The Hunt for Big Peanut

  The night of November 6th was hot in Minnesota, both with temperature and deer movement.  When I drove to my hunting location, my truck said it was 68 degrees.  It was less than ideal rut hunting weather to say the least.  I knew the time of year was right, so I decided to go … Continue reading “The Hunt for Big Peanut”

How to Hunt the Rut When It’s HOT

In my last blog, I talked about picking your vacation days so that you can have a cold snap occur during your rut vacation.  Well, it’s getting close to the best part of the rut and there is no cold snap in sight.  What if that cold snap doesn’t happen?  Forecasters are already saying this … Continue reading “How to Hunt the Rut When It’s HOT”

Planning Your Vacation on Weather, Moon and the Rut

Every year I hunt the Midwest rut I hear so many people planning their rut vacation based on moon phase.  My suggestion (if you have the ability) is to hold off to plan your vacation to see what the weather will do.  Last year, I planned a rut vacation way ahead of time, and ended … Continue reading “Planning Your Vacation on Weather, Moon and the Rut”

Hunt Friday, Because it’s Farthest From the Weekend

I know the title sounds confusing, but read on and you’ll catch my drift.  When I attended the Southeast Deer Study Group meeting this year in North Carolina, one of the most interesting presentations was from a graduate student from Auburn University named Kevyn Wiskerchen.  Kevyn captured a representative sample of free-ranging bucks living in … Continue reading “Hunt Friday, Because it’s Farthest From the Weekend”

Patterning Doe Groups to Fill Your Buck Tag

A lot of hunters put effort into finding and patterning bucks in order to harvest them, but now is also a great time to pattern the doe groups using your hunting property. In a few weeks, those doe groups are going to be the focal point of the mature buck you want to wrap your … Continue reading “Patterning Doe Groups to Fill Your Buck Tag”

Hemorrhagic Disease Rears Its Ugly Head in the Midwest

As fall quickly approaches, most deer managers are eagerly awaiting the first hard frost of the year. The first hard frost will kill the biting midges that are responsible for spreading the deadly virus known as Hemorrhagic Disease (HD). Unfortunately the 10 day forecast for the Midwest has lows that only fall into the low 40s. … Continue reading “Hemorrhagic Disease Rears Its Ugly Head in the Midwest”

Fall & Winter Minerals For Next Years Antler Growth

We all know that deer really seek out mineral sites during the growing season, but less emphasis has been placed on mineral requirements for deer in the fall/winter time frame.  We know that antlers are finished growing across most of the white-tails’ range by September, but what we fail to realize is that next year’s … Continue reading “Fall & Winter Minerals For Next Years Antler Growth”

How to Strengthen Your Food Plot Using Ani-Logics™

I talk to a lot of hunters at trade shows and when I ask them if they use any feed or minerals, a common response is “No, we plant food plots, so our deer have everything they need already.”  I then ask them, “How do you do last fall hunting over your food plot?” To … Continue reading “How to Strengthen Your Food Plot Using Ani-Logics™”

Mapping Your Way to a Successful Hunting Season

Knowing your way around a property will give you a great advantage in determining where to hang your tree stands for the upcoming hunting season.  Having a map of food sources, bedding areas and possible travel routes between will help you visualize how deer will move from one area to the next.  Obviously having scouting … Continue reading “Mapping Your Way to a Successful Hunting Season”

Meet Tim Neuman – Wildlife Biologist

Behind the scenes at Ani-Logics Outdoors – Meet Tim Neuman, Wildlife Biologist for Ani-Logics Outdoors
First off, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Scoring Your Trophy: Are Nets Really Just For Fishing?

Let me start this blog with the disclaimer that I am by no means an official scorer, nor do I promote any scoring system over another. I just happen to talk about the Boone and Crockett system more than any other, because they have the longest history of scoring antlers.

Turkey Hunting Tips

Spring turkey seasons are in their peak across most of the US, so here are some tips to help you have a successful hunt. I’m skipping the basics which are: finding land with turkeys on it, buying spring camouflage, sighting in your shotgun or bow, acquiring decoys, and practicing with your calls as those are standard operating procedures.

Who is the Lucky Buck Out There?

The perception I hear from a lot of hunters is that the big, old bucks do all the breeding. The truth is, small young males get in on the action too. How do I know? I have researched the topic extensively and collected a vast dataset regarding which bucks were successful breeders among a population in central Alabama. This work was completed while attending Auburn University for my Master’s in Wildlife Science. I recently published an article in the Journal of Mammalogy on the subject of mate choice among white-tailed deer.


Spring is here and now is a great time of year to implement prescribed fire on your property. Burning vegetation releases organic matter back into the soil so it can be utilized by this year’s plants. Fire is a natural part of most ecosystems and is a great way to break up thatch that has accumulated in a grassland habitat.


Have you ever wondered what deer hunting would be like if no hunters in your area were allowed to shoot ANY antlered buck for an entire year? Hunters in Waupaca county Wisconsin might give us the answer after their County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) voted for an antlerless-only permit for the entire 2016 season.

Peak Mineral Usage Quickly Approaching

The antler growth cycle is nearly complete for last year’s hunting season, but with every ending there is a new beginning. Hopefully you have been able to get out and find some of last year’s bucks in the form of shed antlers.

Iowa Proposing Changes to Baiting Laws

There has been quite a bit of publicity regarding the Franz buck which was taken in Marion County Iowa in the fall of 2014. If you haven’t heard about the buck, you can read about it on the website www.franzbuck.com which even has video of the hunt.

How Much Feed to Give Your Deer and What Deer Feeder to Use

The amount of feed you put out at one time is dependent upon several variables, the main one being your objectives for feeding. The number of deer using your feed site can also have a huge impact on how much feed you will go through in a given time period. If you want to ensure that nutrition is not a limiting factor for your deer, use a free choice gravity feeder such as the one pictured here.

How to Train a Dog to Find Shed Antlers

Training a dog to find sheds is a great way to cover more ground in search of those prized antlers. I trained my German shorthair to find sheds when she was a puppy, but training an older dog is achievable as long as they have the drive. There are many ways to teach a dog to find something, but here is how I did it.

Don’t Confuse Attraction with Nutrition

I recently attended a consumer trade show and I had a chance to visit with many people about what they are feeding deer in their area. I was surprised at how many people were feeding deer corn because they “tear that stuff up.” One gentleman even told me he put out gummy bears for his deer because they have a “sweet tooth.”

The Freshest Shed I’ve Ever Seen

Last weekend, I visited my father in SE Minnesota to see what bucks were coming into his backyard to feed. I knew it was going to be a fun night of deer watching when we arrived at 2:30 PM and there were already 3 bucks in his yard. We have been feeding Supplement 365 to keep the local herd healthy during the winter, and to get an idea of what bucks made it through the hunting seasons.

Will flooding impact your deer herd?

The end of December, a major weather system dumped snow on most of the upper Midwest while the middle and southern parts of the US received heavy rainfall. The latest rainfall put most rivers well over flood stage in the middle part of the US. The Mississippi river basin hasn’t seen this much water since the historic floods of 1993.

Keep Your Trail Camera Active During Late Season

Keeping a trail camera alive during late season is not easy. Batteries lose their juice quicker as temperatures fall, and snow can build up over the lens. Many bucks have been shot and the number of big bucks on the landscape has dwindled. If you have been running a camera since the beginning of summer, you may think you have captured every buck in that area by now. The reality is, however, there is always a chance a new buck arrives, and that especially holds true in the late season.

Think Ahead to Find More Sheds this Spring.

The key to finding big sheds is just like hunting big bucks, go where big bucks live. It is only mid-December so although it’s not exactly shed hunting season, a well-planned feeding strategy can put more antlers in your hands when that magical time comes. When the bucks in your area are close to losing their antlers, they are usually run down from the rigors of the rut and are looking to pack on the weight they lost. Testosterone levels have dropped and they return to a travel pattern that goes from bedding areas to feeding sites.

Late Season Hunting Tips: Fooling the Confidence Deer

If conditions are right, late season hunting can be just as exciting and productive as the rut. The key to late season hunting near a food source is to fill the field with what I call “confidence” deer. Confidence deer are basically all the deer that enter a field before your shooter is willing to expose himself during daylight.

Winter Supplemental Feeding Tips

With winter weather settling in across much of the nation, it’s time to take inventory of food availability in your area. Even if you had success with a food plot or left standing crops, keeping a supplemental feeding program active during the next few months will help your deer hit the ground running in terms of growth once spring green up occurs.

The Hunt for Bowser

I hunted our lease in Nebraska this weekend and shot an old warrior we know as “Bowser.” Here is how the stars aligned and I was able to catch this mature buck on his feet in daylight.

Rut Movement and the Rumor Mill

Every year that I hunt, I hear reports from other hunters that usually sound like this: “You better get in the stand, they are rutting like crazy right now.”

How to Stay in Your Treestand All Day

Outside of the breeding season, deer are crepuscular meaning they are mostly active in the morning and evening. That pattern, however, changes during the breeding season. A buck could walk past at any time during the day, and if you are back home eating lunch you may miss your only opportunity at a trophy buck. All day sits can be mentally draining, especially if you are new at it. Here are some tips to help keep you in the stand and in the game.

Hunting the “Perfect Wind”

When I am planning for a hunt, the biggest factor I consider is the direction of the wind. Everyone knows that white-tailed deer have an excellent sense of smell but it never ceases to amaze me how a deer 100 yards away can pick up on the slightest bit of human scent even though we are 17’ up in a tree.

Feeder Fright and How to Locate your Mystery Buck

While I was attending graduate school at Auburn University, I ran 6 trail cameras year-round within their 430-acre captive research facility. My study involved capturing newborn fawns and using their DNA profile to determine which bucks in the herd were siring fawns. For me, it was important to know what bucks were still alive during the breeding season so we could include them in our analysis of parentage.

Adaptive Management for White-tailed Deer: How to Roll with the Punches

Every serious land manager will inevitably deal with failure at some point throughout the year. Whether it is drought, disease, equipment failure, or any number of other negative possibilities, the sign of a good manager is one that learns to deal with adversity and comes back smarter or stronger because of it.

Pulse Resource Availability and Deer Movement

Acorns are raining down across much of the U.S. right now, so it is a great time to talk about pulse resource availability.

Interesting Trail Cam Pictures

Every year that I run trail cameras, it never ceases to amaze me how many interesting things I would miss if I was not using trail cameras.

Advice for Aging Bucks on the Hoof

With trail camera pictures rolling in, it’s time to decide if that borderline buck is on the hit list or if he gets a free pass this year.

Tree Stand Safety – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Every year I hear of someone that had an accident involving treestand setup or use. This blog will explain the steps you should take to stay safe while using a treestand.

Hemorrhagic Disease, Salt Content and the Connection to Water Sources

Now is the time of year when Hemorrhagic Disease (HD) tends to hit deer herds the hardest. There is little doubt that water availability is related to the severity of outbreak. In late summer, rain is less common than in the springtime in most areas and water sources begin to dry up throughout the landscape. The effects are intensified when a drought occurs.

Rub and Scrape Activity on the Rise

As autumn progresses, photoperiod becomes shorter which triggers a change in circulating hormone levels of both bucks and does. This means that rubs and scrapes will occur more frequently across the landscape. This is a great time of year to switch your trail camera to an active scrape.

Tips for Making Your Trail Camera Survey a Success

With hunting season quickly approaching, antler growth is nearing completion and it’s time to gear up for a trail camera survey of the local deer herd.

The Next Great Debate

As a deer hunter, I read all sorts of heated debates about what is the best management practice for a given area. Some examples include: To shoot spikes or not to shoot spikes? What age should we allow bucks to get before we make harvest decisions? Do we need antler point restrictions? Should everyone be allowed to shoot crossbows during archery season? Does a camera that sends pictures to a website in real time give hunters an unfair advantage?

Deer Minerals and Attractants: When is the best time to use them?

Knowing what time of year that deer will utilize mineral and feed sites can help you maximize their benefits by making them available to deer when they actually use them. So when is that time exactly? Tim explains how he uses the Ani-Logics Product line throughout the year.

The National Deer Alliance / 2015 Deer Summit

Here at Ani-Logics, We strive to stay current with wildlife meetings that happen throughout the country. Last month we attended the 2015 Deer Summit put on by the National Deer Alliance. The main objective of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) is to unify deer hunters and increase our strength in numbers by reaching out to members of other deer organizations such as Quality Deer Management Association, Whitetails Unlimited, and the Mule Deer Foundation.

Meet Tim Neuman – Wildlife Biologist

Who is behind the scenes at Ani-Logics Outdoors? We want to introduce Tim Neuman, the Ani-Logics Outdoors Wildlife biologist and contributor to the Ani-Logics blog. Tim manages the Ani-Logics properties and develops our supplemental deer feeding programs with the Ani-Logics product line.

The Start of Ani-Logics Outdoors®

Ani-Logics was born in response to requests for help in fighting recent Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) outbreaks. Veterinarians and scientists worked side by side to develop sound scientific based deer nutrition. As a new company in the Prairie Holdings family of companies, Ani-Logics was able to pull people, talent, and knowledge, from a variety of our already existing companies to bring you the best deer feed on the market.