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There Is No Off Season!  Give your deer what nature doesn’t always provide. Forages vary from year-to-year, and season-to-season, so offering consistent, absorbable nutrients like those available in Ani-Logics™ Ani-Supplement Gold® and JAC®–Just Add Corn, becomes an effective tool in helping to Attract, Hold, Pattern and Grow trophy bucks.

Ani-Supplement Gold® is scientifically formulated by veterinarians to provide vitamins, minerals, balanced proteins, essential oils, and probiotics to whitetail deer.

Ani-Supplement Gold® and JAC® – Just Add Corn Supplement Base Mix contains exclusive Ani-Shield TX4® Technology designed to optimize the immune system while maximizing genetics and antler growth.

Whitetail 101

Animal studies show that up to 70% of why animals survive a disease challenge can be attributed to the nutritional status of the deer at the time of the challenge.

The whitetail’s natural diet is often deficient in key minerals and nutrients necessary to achieve maximum antler growth.

Offering minerals like Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese are crucial to optimal body and antler growth.

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