Year: 2017

Feeding a Buck onto a New Home Range

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Winter is a great time to find new bucks on your property. As natural food sources begin to diminish, bucks tend to search for food outside of their normal home range. If a buck finds a new consistent food source, chances are good that he ...

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How To Be A Good Hunting Neighbor

Deer Antler

If you hunt on less than 5,000 acres, chances are good that some of the bucks you have on camera will be harvested by your neighbors. When that happens, you have two options: You can either do things to prevent this from happening in the ...

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Late Rut Tactics

Whitetail Deer

The rut isn’t over until the fat lady sings, but she is walking out on the stage and doing a few mic checks. If you haven’t punched your tag yet, don’t worry, the last stages of the rut can still be an exciting time in ...

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How to Name a Buck

Whitetail Deer Feeder

Remember when you used to go hunting and have no idea of what the bucks in your area looked like before you shot them? Gone are the days of shooting a buck just to see how big he is. Now we have gotten to the ...

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Time to Grind

Whitetail Deer

It’s here, the whitetail Super Bowl. Time to rise and grind, day after day. Vacation days will be eaten up and precious time will be spent on a stand. Rut strategies vary greatly depending on the hunter and their situation. Hunters who have generous time ...

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September and October: The Important Feeding Months

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If you have ever experienced a harsh northern winter, you know the devastating effect it can have on deer populations. Heavy snowfall and cold temperatures make deer conserve energy by moving less, and in order to survive the worst winters, they rely heavily on fat ...

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Hunting Update and Tips to Understand Early Season Bedding

Whitetail Deer hunting

I just returned from Kansas where I spent 4 days hunting their early muzzleloader season. The day before the season opened, I drove around the land I could hunt and looked at the condition of the Ag fields. This time of year the beans are ...

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Stop the CWD Madness


In mid August, a trophy bull elk was shot by the Pennsylvania Game Commission after it wandered into an area that had recently contained white-tailed deer that had tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Here is the press release on the event. They don’t ...

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How to Run a Rapid Herd Survey

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If you are like me, free time is a limiting resource in your life. I work anywhere from 40-60 hours per week depending on the time of year, which leaves me little time to get out to my hunting property that is several hours from ...

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