Month: November 2016

How to Feed Your Way to Daytime Movement

No matter where you are in the country, chances are high that the deer in your area have been hunted to the point that daytime activity has greatly decreased compared to earlier in the year.  Even if you have been careful not to over-hunt your ...

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The Hunt for Big Peanut

Tim Neuman Ani-Logics Pro Staff

  The night of November 6th was hot in Minnesota, both with temperature and deer movement.  When I drove to my hunting location, my truck said it was 68 degrees.  It was less than ideal rut hunting weather to say the least.  I knew the time ...

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How to Hunt the Rut When It’s HOT

How to hunt the rut

In my last blog, I talked about picking your vacation days so that you can have a cold snap occur during your rut vacation.  Well, it’s getting close to the best part of the rut and there is no cold snap in sight.  What if ...

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