Month: October 2016

Planning Your Vacation on Weather, Moon and the Rut

Deer Rut

Every year I hunt the Midwest rut I hear so many people planning their rut vacation based on moon phase.  My suggestion (if you have the ability) is to hold off to plan your vacation to see what the weather will do.  Last year, I ...

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Hunt Friday, Because it’s Farthest From the Weekend

Deer Hunting

I know the title sounds confusing, but read on and you’ll catch my drift.  When I attended the Southeast Deer Study Group meeting this year in North Carolina, one of the most interesting presentations was from a graduate student from Auburn University named Kevyn Wiskerchen.  ...

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Patterning Doe Groups to Fill Your Buck Tag

Whitetail Doe Groups

A lot of hunters put effort into finding and patterning bucks in order to harvest them, but now is also a great time to pattern the doe groups using your hunting property. In a few weeks, those doe groups are going to be the focal ...

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Hemorrhagic Disease Rears Its Ugly Head in the Midwest

EHD Whitetail Deer

As fall quickly approaches, most deer managers are eagerly awaiting the first hard frost of the year. The first hard frost will kill the biting midges that are responsible for spreading the deadly virus known as Hemorrhagic Disease (HD). Unfortunately the 10 day forecast for ...

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