Month: February 2016

How Much Feed to Give Your Deer and What Deer Feeder to Use

The amount of feed you put out at one time is dependent upon several variables, the main one being your objectives for feeding. The number of deer using your feed site can also have a huge impact on how much feed you will go through in a given time period. If you want to ensure that nutrition is not a limiting factor for your deer, use a free choice gravity feeder such as the one pictured here.

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How to Train a Dog to Find Shed Antlers

Training a dog to find sheds is a great way to cover more ground in search of those prized antlers. I trained my German shorthair to find sheds when she was a puppy, but training an older dog is achievable as long as they have the drive. There are many ways to teach a dog to find something, but here is how I did it.

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