Month: January 2016

Don't Confuse Attraction with Nutrition

I recently attended a consumer trade show and I had a chance to visit with many people about what they are feeding deer in their area. I was surprised at how many people were feeding deer corn because they “tear that stuff up.” One gentleman even told me he put out gummy bears for his deer because they have a “sweet tooth.”

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The Freshest Shed I've Ever Seen

Last weekend, I visited my father in SE Minnesota to see what bucks were coming into his backyard to feed. I knew it was going to be a fun night of deer watching when we arrived at 2:30 PM and there were already 3 bucks in his yard. We have been feeding Supplement 365 to keep the local herd healthy during the winter, and to get an idea of what bucks made it through the hunting seasons.

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Will flooding impact your deer herd?

The end of December, a major weather system dumped snow on most of the upper Midwest while the middle and southern parts of the US received heavy rainfall. The latest rainfall put most rivers well over flood stage in the middle part of the US. The Mississippi river basin hasn’t seen this much water since the historic floods of 1993.

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