Month: December 2015

Keep Your Trail Camera Active During Late Season

Keeping a trail camera alive during late season is not easy. Batteries lose their juice quicker as temperatures fall, and snow can build up over the lens. Many bucks have been shot and the number of big bucks on the landscape has dwindled. If you have been running a camera since the beginning of summer, you may think you have captured every buck in that area by now. The reality is, however, there is always a chance a new buck arrives, and that especially holds true in the late season.

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Think Ahead to Find More Sheds this Spring.

The key to finding big sheds is just like hunting big bucks, go where big bucks live. It is only mid-December so although it’s not exactly shed hunting season, a well-planned feeding strategy can put more antlers in your hands when that magical time comes. When the bucks in your area are close to losing their antlers, they are usually run down from the rigors of the rut and are looking to pack on the weight they lost. Testosterone levels have dropped and they return to a travel pattern that goes from bedding areas to feeding sites.

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Late Season Hunting Tips: Fooling the Confidence Deer

If conditions are right, late season hunting can be just as exciting and productive as the rut. The key to late season hunting near a food source is to fill the field with what I call “confidence” deer. Confidence deer are basically all the deer that enter a field before your shooter is willing to expose himself during daylight.

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Winter Supplemental Feeding Tips

Winter Deer Supplemental Feeding Tips

With winter weather settling in across much of the nation, it’s time to take inventory of food availability in your area. Even if you had success with a food plot or left standing crops, keeping a supplemental feeding program active during the next few months will help your deer hit the ground running in terms of growth once spring green up occurs.

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