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Supplement 365 offers year-round deer nutrition in our scientifically formulated, grain-based whitetail deer feed. Packed with vitamins, minerals, balanced proteins and our exclusive Ani-Shield TX4®, designed to optimize the immune system while maximizing genetics and antler growth. We also added powerful attractants for irresistible flavor and aroma. Feed whitetail deer 365 days a year to Protect Your Herd with The Power of Science.
Supplement 365 Features:

  • Feed deer 365 days a year
  • Balanced protein diet for whitetail deer
  • Proprietary whitetail deer attractant
  • Ani-Shield TX4® designed for whitetail deer antler growth and promotes health
  • 50 lbs
  • Available in 1/2 ton totes, and 1 ton totes
  • Available in a pellet (SPIN) formula for spin feeders
Directions for Use:

For use in all types of feeders: spinners, gravity feeders, bunk, trough, or directly on the ground. 

For best consumption, please feed deer near a water source or known deer trails.


Customer Reviews

Deer eat it up.

Reviewed by: Sherri Monger; on 16/03/2017

I live and hunt in Iowa so i take my deer management very seriously. Supplement 365 has been top key in helping keep my entire deer herd healthy as well as helping the bucks reach full potential. I've been using the 50lb bags the past year having some of the bucks make tremendous jump in antler size from 3-4 and 4-5 and I've even had new big bucks I've never seen before show up on it. And-logics customer for life right here.

Reviewed by: Quintin Wilcoxson; on 06/01/2017

This is the second year we used this in Kansas during gun season and it works great. Last year and this year we put it down the first day we hunt and the deer find it fast and love it. They will walk by the feeder with corn and feed on the pile we have put down. It is great food

Reviewed by: Peter R.; on 12/12/2016

I put the Supplement 365 in an area with no deer paths and within a couple days, had 5 different bucks show up to it. They couldn't get enough of it!

Reviewed by: Nathan; on 26/10/2016

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