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JAC®-Just Add Corn SPIN – 50lb
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Adding one bag of 50lb JAC® – Just Add Corn SPIN Supplement Base Mix to 100 pounds of corn creates a year-round, beneficial whitetail supplement. It’s scientifically formulated with our exclusive, proprietary Ani-Shield TX4® technology, designed to support immunity and antler growth. This highly digestible, balanced protein formula is packed with vitamins, chelated minerals, probiotics, and essential oils, ingredients that are often deficient in the natural diet of white-tailed deer. Mix JAC® – Just Add Corn Supplement SPIN Base Mix with your own corn to protect your herd with the power of science!
JAC® SPIN Features:

  • Feed deer 365 days a year
  • Balanced protein diet for whitetail deer
  • Proprietary whitetail deer attractant
  • Ani-Shield TX4® designed for whitetail deer antler growth and promotes health
  • Pelleted for spin feeders
  • 50 lbs.
Directions for Use:

Adding two bags of JAC™ – Just Add Corn Supplement Base Mix to 40 pounds of  corn creates a year-round, beneficial whitetail supplement.


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