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How to Buy Ani-Logics™ on a Budget

I want to be honest, Ani-Logics Supplement is not the cheapest deer feed you can buy. Like most things in life, however, you get what you pay for. We have basically combined all the things that deer really love to eat with a health pack ...

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The Mood Swings of Spring Nutrition

Spring is a time of transition. Deer have made it through the winter and are focused on growth. The bucks are budding antlers and the does are in the last stages of pregnancy (except in the south where herds are several months behind). Green growth ...

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The Myth of the "All-Natural Buck"

I talk to a lot of hunters while at trade shows, and I have heard a few say that they don’t use feed or minerals because it’s not natural and that deer can get everything they need from their natural diet.  My response to them ...

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Spring Scouting for Fall Success

Knowing where a buck spends most of his time is the biggest challenge to harvesting him.  If you wait until fall to locate a buck, you risk bumping him if you enter his bedding area.  In the spring, however, bumping a buck has fewer consequences, ...

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How to Reduce Post-Rut mortality

When I find a dead buck while shed hunting I have mixed feelings.  First, I’m excited that I found something with antlers.  Antlers are the coolest thing on the planet so I’m happy to be blessed with a set that I can enjoy for years ...

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How to Feed Your Way to Daytime Movement

No matter where you are in the country, chances are high that the deer in your area have been hunted to the point that daytime activity has greatly decreased compared to earlier in the year.  Even if you have been careful not to over-hunt your ...

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The Hunt for Big Peanut

  The night of November 6th was hot in Minnesota, both with temperature and deer movement.  When I drove to my hunting location, my truck said it was 68 degrees.  It was less than ideal rut hunting weather to say the least.  I knew the time ...

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Patterning Doe Groups to Fill Your Buck Tag

A lot of hunters put effort into finding and patterning bucks in order to harvest them, but now is also a great time to pattern the doe groups using your hunting property. In a few weeks, those doe groups are going to be the focal ...

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The Freshest Shed I've Ever Seen

Last weekend, I visited my father in SE Minnesota to see what bucks were coming into his backyard to feed. I knew it was going to be a fun night of deer watching when we arrived at 2:30 PM and there were already 3 bucks in his yard. We have been feeding Supplement 365 to keep the local herd healthy during the winter, and to get an idea of what bucks made it through the hunting seasons.

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