Fall & Winter Minerals For Next Years Antler Growth

We all know that deer really seek out mineral sites during the growing season, but less emphasis has been placed on mineral requirements for deer in the fall/winter time frame.  We know that antlers are finished growing across most of the white-tails’ range by September, ...

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How to Strengthen Your Food Plot Using Ani-Logics™

I talk to a lot of hunters at trade shows and when I ask them if they use any feed or minerals, a common response is “No, we plant food plots, so our deer have everything they need already.”  I then ask them, “How do ...

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Mapping Your Way to a Successful Hunting Season

Knowing your way around a property will give you a great advantage in determining where to hang your tree stands for the upcoming hunting season.  Having a map of food sources, bedding areas and possible travel routes between will help you visualize how deer will ...

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Meet Tim Neuman - Wildlife Biologist

Behind the scenes at Ani-Logics Outdoors - Meet Tim Neuman, Wildlife Biologist for Ani-Logics Outdoors First off, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

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Scoring Your Trophy: Are Nets Really Just For Fishing?

Let me start this blog with the disclaimer that I am by no means an official scorer, nor do I promote any scoring system over another. I just happen to talk about the Boone and Crockett system more than any other, because they have the longest history of scoring antlers.

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Turkey Hunting Tips

Spring turkey seasons are in their peak across most of the US, so here are some tips to help you have a successful hunt. I’m skipping the basics which are: finding land with turkeys on it, buying spring camouflage, sighting in your shotgun or bow, acquiring decoys, and practicing with your calls as those are standard operating procedures.

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Who is the Lucky Buck Out There?

The perception I hear from a lot of hunters is that the big, old bucks do all the breeding. The truth is, small young males get in on the action too. How do I know? I have researched the topic extensively and collected a vast dataset regarding which bucks were successful breeders among a population in central Alabama. This work was completed while attending Auburn University for my Master’s in Wildlife Science. I recently published an article in the Journal of Mammalogy on the subject of mate choice among white-tailed deer.

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Spring is here and now is a great time of year to implement prescribed fire on your property. Burning vegetation releases organic matter back into the soil so it can be utilized by this year’s plants. Fire is a natural part of most ecosystems and is a great way to break up thatch that has accumulated in a grassland habitat.

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Have you ever wondered what deer hunting would be like if no hunters in your area were allowed to shoot ANY antlered buck for an entire year? Hunters in Waupaca county Wisconsin might give us the answer after their County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) voted for an antlerless-only permit for the entire 2016 season.

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